Anna Douglas Smith was born and raised in Spartanburg, South Carolina. She graduated from Sewanee: The University of the South where she received a Bachelor's Degree in Studio Art and Art History. 

After moving to Jackson, Wyoming over two years ago, Smith dedicated her artistic practice to analyzing how humans not only live in the valley of Jackson Hole but how they live with the valley.

Using a mixture of painting and drawing, Smith creates two-dimensional experiences that mix imagery belonging to both the man-made world of Jackson Hole, designed and created for humans by humans to function in the valley in a systematic and orderly way, and the natural world of Jackson Hole, one that is untouched by man and has always innately existed and functioned on its own.

By visually combining these realms, Smith aims to simultaneously honor but analyze how they both overlap and resist one another, especially in a touristic town like Jackson Hole.

Smith is currently residing in Jackson, WY studying her environment and producing new work on a day-to-day basis.